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Teaching Ocean Currents

And what better place to develop healthy habits and skills than in the ocean. Bodyboarding is. check for any rip currents and rocks, and search for a safe.

LESSON PLANS. NEW LEARNING STANDARDS: 7.ESS.2 Thermal-energy transfers in the ocean and the atmosphere contribute to the formation of currents, which influence global climate patterns. The sun is the major source of energy for wind, air and ocean currents and the hydrologic cycle. As thermal energy transfers.

You’re much more buoyant. I try to swim with the current if I can,” he explains. Two local swimming instructors are equally enthusiastic about swimming in the ocean. Michael Wooley has been teaching kids and adults to swim for 20.

Jan 30, 2017. Ocean Currents and Sea Surface Temperature lesson-plans/?page_id=474?&passid=9. Joan Carter, NASA – My NASA Data Collection. In this classroom activity, students access sea surface temperature and wind speed data from a NASA site, plot and compare data, draw.

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Ted Taylor teaches Earth Science, Chemistry and Environmental Studies at Bangor High School in Bangor, Maine. He is a Professional Maine Geologist and holds a B.A. degree from Colby College and an M.S. degree from Lehigh University, both in Geology, and a Maine Teaching Certificate with a Physical Science.

Overview. In part one of this two-part lesson students work in pairs to explore the effects of salinity on ocean stratification using a simple plastic shoebox-sized container in which they create a mini-ocean environment. Students will apply what they learn in the lab setting along with information gained in several online articles.

Kids learn about ocean waves and currents including what causes them, how they impact the global climate, winds, and fun facts.

Activities for classes on concepts of convection currents to supplement the film Ocean Oasis.

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The program recognizes and honors the contributions of outstanding educators teaching. Ocean City resident and 2011-2012 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year Jeanne M. DelColle, a former history teacher at Burlington County.

CARICOOS operates a network of observing assets including data buoys, coastal meteorological stations, vessels, instruments and radars and brings together coastal.

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The lesson deals about the ocean currents and its causes.

Jan 21, 2009. –Descriptions of tools used to observe ocean surface currents, including satellites, radar, buoys and historical ship data. –Profiles of oceanographers and their research, including video interviews. –Interactive satellite data visualizers and models. –Lesson plans that incorporate real data. –Earth science.

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I like the interactives and think they are great ways to share the main features of the ocean literacy work. I do have one comment I would like to discuss regarding.

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Apr 19, 2012. Planet In Action is a great site that I've written about in the past because it offers some excellent simulations for use in Google Earth. The latest simulation that they've released is based on NASA's Perpetual Oceans. NASA Ocean Currents in Google Earth shows the Earth's constantly moving ocean currents.

Convergent plate boundaries are locations where lithospheric plates are moving towards one another. The plate collisions that occur in these areas can produce.

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Learn about the ocean in motion and how ocean surface currents play a role in navigation, global pollution, and Earth’s climate. Also discover how observations of.

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Filmmakers have the power to change the trajectory of human life on our water planet — from destruction to revitalization! Submit a short film for the Ocean Film.

And Titan has a global ocean of its own of liquid water underneath its icy crust. And that’s a puzzle because we think that you need that tilt to maintain the.

Geologists can measure its current speed — about 2 1/2 inches a day — but they. its waters left scars across the northwest as they roared toward the Pacific.

District 4 includes most of the city of San Diego, spanning from Ocean Beach.

The academic community also has taken note with ocean scientists using this event and other cargo ship losses to model ocean currents. The lesson we present here uses the story of the “lost” ducks to integrate instruction in science, mathematics, and geogra- phy as students map the journey the ducks take across the Pa-.

Ocean Currents and The Distribution of Life · Ocean in Motion: Ekman Transport background · Wind Driven Surface Currents, Gyres Background: Coriolis effect. Examine the Coriolis effect, which is responsible for the “spin” of a weather system. A lesson plan for a hands-on activity. Investigation 3: Waves and Tides

Learn how and why ocean currents move in this BrainPOP animated movie. Link also includes a quiz. (approximately 2:00)

The shape of the land Technically, a volcano is a vent or hole in Earth’s surface through which heated material escapes from underground.

Australia is swept by a number of major ocean currents

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Rip Current Survival Brochures, Signs and other Teaching Resources About Rip Currents Rip currents are powerful, channeled currents of.

Aug 11, 2011  · Celebrating warm days (northern hemisphere.) can very well go hand-in-hand with welcoming the increasing presence of ocean or oceanic museums, and thei.

At the entrance of most beaches, there is a bulletin board with notices about water conditions: maybe a faded sign warning about rip currents and a list of this week's tide tables. Most people pass them by without a second thought, but if you want to enter the ocean, it is important to know its movements, whether to avoid.

Give students practice reading a map with the skill challenge in this oceanography printable. Students will evaluate true/false statements about ocean currents and use a world map to answer questions about the Gulf Stream, currents, weather, and.

Use arrows to draw and indicate flow direction of the following major surface ocean currents on the map. Label each current with its name. Antarctic Circumpolar.

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The next time you teach plate tectonics, consider a draw-with-me presentation that will engage your students and help them understand the spatial and movement aspects.

Ocean Currents. There are a number of ocean currents found around the Earth. A current is like a vast river within the ocean, flowing from one place to another. These currents are caused by differences in temperature, differences in salinity, and by wind. Currents are responsible for a vast amount of movement of the water.

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Currents have much more power to control its course than the surface winds. And we compared this conflict of the earth's powers with the results in our own lives when the current of our life, as defined and developed in the lives of a family by the righteous teaching of parents, will often control the direction children will go,

The most basic concept of all: convection currents! I’ve seen many ways to introduce this concept. One uses Baby Food Jars. Fill one baby food jar to the brim.

Activity Overview and Teaching Materials. In Part A: Students are introduced to the global circulation patterns of the atmosphere and the oceans, and investigate how those circulation patterns might influence their local region. In Part B: Students study surface ocean currents and then predict the pathway of a floating object.

Etienne talked with students and educators about his work on climate change and ocean temperatures. how a bilingual education prepared them for high school.

How does movement of ocean water and pH affect marine animals? A lot! We're compiling lessons on ocean acidification and currents to share here. | See more ideas about Geography, Ocean current and Learning activities.

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Oceans cover about 70% of the Earth’s surface and contain roughly 97% of the Earth’s water supply.